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Documentaion Folder

This is the folder containing this documentation that you are now viewing. No Need to upload it, just keep handy for when you need to refer back to.


This is your Wordpress plugin file for CSS3 Animation Effects that you add to your plugins directory of Wordpress.

Uploading Plugin

Inside your Wordpress admin area, go to Plugins at the top you'll see "Add New" click that and the click the link that says "Upload". In the upload box select the indeed-effects.zip file and click upload.

After uploading is completed and instalation is done Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate it.

Activate the Plugin

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins click the "Activate" link under CSS3 Animation Effects. Your Plugin is now installed!

The Button

After you have installed the plugin you will find into your WP editor a new button: e. Use that button to create Animations or Triggers.

Animation - option

When you wanna animate a content, select that desired part of the content from your WP editor and click on the "Animaton" option from the CSS3 button drop menu.

Trigger Type: You can set to launch the animation by itself or using an external Trigger created by you.

Trigger List: If you wanna use an external trigger a list of all your set trigger will be displayed.

Trigger Eivents: An Animation can be activated when the page is loading or by Click or MouseOver

Effect: Here you will find more than 60 effects group by types. Pick the desired one or test all of them!

Advanced Style: If you wanna customize your animation you have all the advanced options available for you.

Preview: You can see how is working the animation with all your custom settings before to decide.

Add Trigger

The animation can be stared by itself or by an external trigger.

You can set any other content to become a trigger.

How To Do:

1. Select any content from your WP editor.

2. Click on the second option of the CSS3 button: "Add Trigger".

3. Done!

Multiple Triggers can pe set to launch the same Target(Animation)


Clear the content eliminate the shortcodes. Select the affected content and click on the button "Clear". Now, all the shortcodes made by the plugin were eliminated and you have the content cleared.

Thanks again for buying this plugin, if you need any help/support at all contact us.

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